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Let a Dynamics GP Consultant Show You How to Integrate Other Programs Into Dynamics GP

Let a Dynamics GP Consultant Show You How to Integrate Other Programs Into Dynamics GP

Make no mistake, Excel is not a program the Microsoft Dynamics product line is replacing: On the contrary, Excel, a mainstay of many startups and small to medium-size businesses, is enhanced with its integration into Microsoft Dynamics GP, for example. The latter is a proven, out-of-the-box ERP solution for manufacturers, supply chains and distributors.

Dynamics GP can generate Excel reports

Accounting offices using Excel for their general ledger and even parts inventory can make this data available to authorized Dynamics GP users. Then, if a field manager wants to make updates to payroll records, or assign inventory status to project, that information can appear on a Dashboard for sharing with other team members.

The whole idea of "working off a single data platform" increases transparency to allow teams, clients and vendors better means of sharing and monitoring the flow of information. Ultimately, Dynamics GP provides real-time data about the inner-workings of the company. Moreover, users are better able to "prevent mistakes" through immediate and actionable data.

Sharing docs with non-GP users...

But even if a client---or a key vendor---is not using Dynamics GP, documents and information can still be shared via "most electronic options," including printable hard copies, by using a number of third-party applications designed for document exchange.

Additionally, and with more and more companies using cloud-hosting services, like Microsoft Azure to access Dynamics GP via SaaS options, users can access and update data from the field, on the road...or in the office.

On a Forbes roundup of SMB cloud usage, a study indicates that 78% of small businesses in the U.S. are intending to "fully" embrace cloud computing by the year 2020---an increase from the current 37%!

Contact us. As a Microsoft certified Gold Partner, we want to become your Dynamics GP consultant...before and after the sale.

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