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Geek out with the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Update


Dynamics-GP-2018 superheroes

Microsoft is significantly stepping up its game for the next calendar year. It’s 2018 products are must-have, particularly Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

Here are the 5 big ways that the 2018 blows all others out of the water:


Comprehensive Doc Attach. It is now available to support receivables, GL entries, and employee enquiries.


User Experience. Inquiries can be filtered, auto-completion and VS Tools are available in Web Client, and a System Password can be set, among other customizable features.


FIN & HRP Optimization. Among many consumer-driven suggestions, PO has been improved with Suggest and Copy Project, as well as a great deal of many other Garnishment Enhancements.


Workflow 4.0. The upgrade in GP 2018 not only adds more workflows like GL Account WF Approval and Purchase Invoice, but small features that are infinitely helpful such as email reminders, copy step, and WF history reporting.


Power Suite enhancement. Many options have been added, including Flow Template creation, OData Paging and Filtering Services, and the impressive Power BI Content Pack.


It may seem like a small list, but it’s a powerful one.


Want to learn more about or implement his powerhouse? Contact us or request a demo.


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