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Let NetSuite partner, TMC, show you why SMBs are "biggest users" of cloud-based financial software

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The owner of a small manufacturing firm, or distributorship, may have one program for accounting purposes and yet another to handle tasks such as order processing to material procurement.

Still, the SMB owner may push back on the notion of implementing ERP software as a solution: a single database management system to manage a wide range of operations, including those all-important accounting functions.

In the latter category a recent survey of some 1,600 financial higher-ups throughout the U.S. and Canada noted that “78 percent of U.S. organizations and 90 percent of Canadian organizations rely on an ERP system as their primary financial system.”

Cloud gaining traction...

SMB owners may be surprised to learn that when it comes to cloud-based SaaS financial platforms more and more small businesses are the “biggest users,” according to the research:

“Eleven percent of organizations with revenues of less than $25 million and 6 percent of those with revenues between $25 million and $99 million rely on SaaS financial systems.”

NetSuite choice offers mobile and social features.

Users turning to the cloud for software like NetSuite receive multiple benefits with this platforms breadth of features, including all-important mobile access and social connectivity.

More importantly, NetSuite not only provides a robust solution to streamlining and automating back office tasks, but also delivers scalable functionality to match company business cycles. Not surprising for a company with over 24,000 organizations and businesses using this cloud

Learn more about the advantages of NetSuite, and how your NetSuite partner, Technology Management Concepts, can provide you with outstanding customer service...before and after the sale.

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Written by B.H. (Sales Team)

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