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Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains 2015 R2 Workflow 2.0

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains 2015 R2 Workflow 2.0

The new and improved Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics 2015 R2 is sure to improve your business processes! The original Workflow 2.0 was introduced in Dynamics GP 2013 R2, but it has come a long way since then. Workflow 2.0 does not rely on SharePoint in the updated version. Instead, you are able to easily setup your workflow processes directly from Dynamics GP.
Several features have been added or advanced in Dynamics GP 2015 R2.
Enable a remote email approval system


Customize workflow emails and


Create Workflows that work directly with Self-Serve features


Delegate Tasks to various hierarchy levels



Add workflow notifications to your Homepage


Create customized messages to notify users of Workflow stages and completion



In addition to these great new features, Microsoft has also added-on several workflow types.
•   Purchase Order Approval
•   Purchase Requisition Approval
•   Payables Batch Approval
•   Payables Transaction Approval
•   Vendor Approval
•   Payroll Timecard Approval
•   Payroll Direct Deposit Approval
•   Payroll Employee Profile Approval
•   Payroll Employee Skills Approval
•   Payroll W4 Approval
•   Project Timesheet Approval
•   Project Expense Approval
•   General Ledger Batch Approval
•   Receivables Batch Approval
•   Smartlist Designer View Approval

All in all, Workflow 2.0 is sure to streamline your business processes and provide a solid approval program to ensure proper checks and balances.

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