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The Next Money Fight: Microsoft Azure vs AWS (our money’s on Azure)


Now we know that the Amazon Web Service (AWS) was the first cloud service to be offered, so it has first-mover advantage yada yada yada - but Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud service and with good reason!

Using the Microsoft Dynamics Cloud to Get Work Done Remotely

Anything that you do with Dynamics 365 to deliver better sales and service can also be done with the mobile version. Here are five ways that the Microsoft Dynamics cloud can help you do what you need to do from wherever you happen to be at the time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training: Find Information Quickly and Easily Using Relevance Search


Relevance Search gives you a fast and easy way to find what you're looking for in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training. Being powered by Azure Search, it offers an experience similar to using an Internet search engine. Results with a match to more words with close proximity to one another will[...]

Dynamics 365 pricing tied to 'internal' and 'external' subscription levels.

SMB-owners, looking for that “right” software solution, can turn to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for robust functionality across a number of vertical sectors. Moreover, Dynamics 365 pricing reflects a software designed to align with a company’s needs. 

Using Dynamics 365 for Retail in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service to Manage and Scale Your Operations

Using Dynamics 365 for Retail in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service to Manage and Scale Your Operations

TMC Receives 2017 Top Women-Owned Businesses Award

Technology Management Concepts (TMC) awarded as a Top Women-Owned Business in Los Angeles.

TMC has been named to the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2017 list of 100 Largest Women-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles County.

TMC comes in at number 76, ranked according to revenues of $6.0 million in[...]

Technology Management Concepts Named to the Inc. 5000 for 2nd Straight Year

Leading ERP & CRM solutions provider continues impressive growth streak in 2016 & 2017.

Technology Management Concepts, a national Microsoft reseller & consulting firm that provides support and services for Microsoft's ERP & CRM software including Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV and[...]

Today's Microsoft Dynamics implementation is more streamlined than legacy ERP systems

It may have been a hard lesson for enterprise-type companies to learn, but "flexibility" was not part of their earlier, legacy ERP systems. In some cases, it might have taken years not only for the implementation, but also to realize any benefit from their on-premise ERP software.

Drilling-down on Gartner's question about 'digital' impacts to businesses

Today’s digital marketplace should be focusing more and more on "how digital will impact" businesses, according to a Gartner researcher’s overview in Forbes. Granted, many SMB may push back on embrace enterprise relationship management (ERP) software, like Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, because of[...]

Dynamics GP 2016 delivers 'predicitive analysis' for Healthcare ERP sector

The Healthcare ERP sector seems to value predictive analysis---80% in a Health Catalyst survey---but only 31% have implemented strategies to deliver such forward-looking data analysis for their organizations.

Unlike larger enterprise-type ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 can provide such[...]

Dynamics 365 Azure: Cloud-based, 'HIPPA' compliant.

In many respects, a healthcare organization has a lot in common with the business world: both entities are looking for ways to improve customer (patient) relations. The Harvard Business Review drilled-down on this comparative by noting:

“The first principle in structuring any organization or[...]

4 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your ERP Partner

Your ERP solution is here to make your life easier, work more efficiently and help your business grow. You have worked hard to implement your ERP Solution, from the selection of an ERP partner to the deployment of the software and training of your staff… but you simply are not meeting the[...]

[Update] 2017 Mid-Year Sales Tax Changes

Repost from Avalara

Dealing with change is standard operating procedure for many companies: employees leave and are hired; new products are introduced and old ones phased out; there are booms, and there are busts. On top of all that, companies need to account for sales and use tax changes.[...]

Microsoft Dynamics SL & the Azure Cloud: Ideal for Project-centric Organizations

Project-oriented firms not using a single-database ERP system may be operating in less than productive fashion. While relying on a number of non-integrated financial and work-flow programs to monitor project profitability what’s lacking is the capability to make well-informed decisions.Microsoft[...]

August 08, 2017 | Dynamics SL cloud

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Dynamics 365 ERP fulfilling Gartner's cloud ERP adoption predicitons?

As the owner of a medium-sized manufacturing business, you’ve always kept critical programs (financial/proprietary data) on premise, while using a number of cloud applications for sales and marketing tasks. In the latter instance, a web portal handled ‘contact management’ and a few templates for[...]

August 08, 2017 | Dynamics 365 ERP

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