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Three Reasons MS Dynamics SL is perfect for Your Project Driven Organization

When developers make accounting solutions, not much get set aside for organizations dealing with projects like the construction industry, government contractors, and engineers. Many times, the accounting software do not match the unique requirements of project centered activities since most are[...]

Microsoft’s Azure model provides enhanced security, flexibility and speed for Microsoft Dynamics users

Your mid-sized manufacturing business with its remote distribution center needs a single, database management system. For too long , you’ve relied on a number of non-integrated applications and programs. This caused many production bottlenecks and inventory control problems. In addition you[...]

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Makes It Easy To Grow vs Sage


When choosing an ERP you want to choose a system that can grow with you and is familiar when using it. Small to medium-sized business need to grow and having an ERP system that is scalable and easy to up-grade will be the best choice. When evaluating ERP software, there are many different[...]

Evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Financial Force

Your company loves Salesforce, and you're looking for financial management software to complement this CRM. Normally a good starting point would be Salesforce’s newish ERP complement Financial Force, built on the SalesForce app cloud.

TMC Volunteers  Make Your Coast a Better Place to Live - HEAL THE BAY

One of Technology Management Concepts' Core Values is "to be active and responsible citizens of our communities.”

Through our employee volunteer program, TMC has a long history of supporting charities and projects in the Greater Los Angeles area. Today we are proud to share with you one of our[...]

Microsoft Azure Cloud - A Player in Gartner's "cloud shift" Forecast

Quick implementations are but one hallmark of the Microsoft Dynamics stack, thanks to the software-as-a-service offering through TMC’s Microsoft Azures cloud-hosting service.

Dynamics GP Cloud Deployment Enhances Healthcare Collaboration Between Patient and Physician

No doubt, adhering to correct process flows may be one of the biggest concerns among healthcare providers, from hospitals and clinics to nursing home and retirement facilities. Instilling quality control measures from admission throughout the patient-care phase to followups is critical to[...]

Healthcare Providers Can Improve Operations with Cloud Based ERP

It’s a commonplace occurrence for healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and private-practicing physicians to find themselves constantly balancing the business-side with the demands of patient care.

Top 3 Steps Required for a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

For sure, traditional business startups are often scrambling to realize deliverables while governing probable overhead expenses. It goes without saying that the ability to profit is the top priority of all enterprises. The top priority is the bottom line!

Healthcare Providers -  Leverage the Experience of a Certified, Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Even the smallest healthcare practice must follow specific HIPPA and other compliance measures to meet federal guidelines and Medicare and Medicad (CMS) billing procedures: Delays in having systems in place can result in huge penalties with the CMS, not to mention the risk to patient[...]

Dynamics 365 CRM will leverage LinkedIn's 500 million users to enhance workflows

Microsoft Dynamics 365 added another powerful, workhorse dimension when the Redmond Giant acquired LinkedIn last December: the CRM suite will integrate seamlessly with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to reveal new opportunities for users in mining "professional networks and relationships."

Why Companies Prefer Dynamics SL Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics SL cloud is an ideal program for small- to medium-size businesses that need to manage projects, streamline operations and perform advanced accounting. The software is ideal for growing organizations in project driven industries such as construction, engineering, government[...]

Significance of cloud based accounting software deployment

In a dynamic world like today’s, business happens online; procurement, invoicing, payment and virtually any operation that does not call for direct contact with material merchandise. Narrowing down to online operations, the most prominent use for the cloud is data storage – but it’s not the only[...]

Warning Signs it’s Time to Migrate to Cloud ERP Software

Many business leaders are naturally apprehensive about buying or upgrading the ERP system if they weren’t happy with the previous one’s costs and results. However, scalable and flexible cloud-based ERP software saves money, overcomes past problems and creates new solutions. Cloud ERP software[...]

June 13, 2017 | Cloud ERP Software

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Dynamics NAV Azure Accommodates Older NAV Versions

Owners of previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, such as NAV 2013, may be considering the benefits of the Dynamics NAV Azure cloud-hosting platform, and whether the whole process is complicated and problematic.

May 01, 2017 | Dynamics NAV Azure

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