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Dynamics NAV 2017 Provides Made to Order and Made to Stock Capabilities

It's not uncommon for a small manufacturer to miss, or lose track, of production schedules awaiting materials to speed along completion, particularly when using legacy programs like Excel and contact management software to track vendor commitments.The key to successful supply chain management[...]

Dynamics GP 2016 Improves Supply Chain Transparency and Inventory Management

Small manufacturers and distributors looking for growth opportunities may do so through a number of strategies, including acquisitions and developing new markets here and abroad, not to mention, as Forbes notes, cost cutting through outsourcing.

All of these strategies call for diligence in[...]

Seamless Data Integration with the Dynamics GP Cloud.

Small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors who are considering expansion, or maybe acquiring another like business, may also be considering the right strategy for data integration.In such cases, and if the SMB is not using an integrated data management system, like Microsoft Dynamics[...]

Microsoft Dynamics GP vs NAV vs SL - Which One Is Right for Me

Microsoft Dynamics has several enterprise resource planning software solutions. Enterprise resource planning solution or ERP for short is a software businesses use to manage everything from product development and manufacturing to sales and marketing to payroll and human resources.

Choosing the[...]

Effective Microsoft Dynamics Training

If you purchase ERP software, you will need to do more than just implement it. The organization will receive many benefits from this new software including saving time and money, increasing profit margins and inventory accuracy.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft is well-known for its never-ending innovation, and its product the Microsoft Azure cloud is no exception. Microsoft Azure cloud is a service created for deploying, building and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed centers. With Microsoft’s[...]

Why Dynamics 365 ERP Solution is a Force to Reckon in the ERP Business

In a report dubbed as "The Clash of the Titans report 2017" Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software emerged a top gainer moving up the rankings as the newest most preferred ERP software. The biggest breakthrough for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions is the fact that in the report, it finally[...]

How Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Can Help You Manage Your Business

Customers are critical in every enterprise, as they create demand for what the business offers. For that reason, it is important to find ways to manage your clients better through smart systems such as Microsoft Dynamics cloud. Here is how this tool can help you manage functions within your firm[...]

Dynamics NAV Cloud Deployment Enables SMBs to Meet Global Competition Head-on

SMB owners of manufacturing and distribution companies are quite aware of the ongoing global competition for their products. Often, the ability to drive future growth can come down to following best practices in data management:"As such, generating data isn't the issue; it's accessing it and[...]

Dynamics NAV 2017 Delivers in Forbes Digital Economy

If anyone has kept up with all of the versions of Microsoft's Dynamics NAV, first acquired as 'Navision' from a Denmark company back in 1983, then---thankfully---the most recent iteration of Dynamics NAV 2017 released last October marks the beginning of an annual, release cycle for this ERP[...]

Getting the Most from Your Dynamics CRM Training

When implementing a new ERP or CRM solution at your organization, providing training for your employees is an important part of ensuring the project's success. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a competency in Microsoft Dynamics, we provide Dynamics CRM training in a variety of formats[...]

The Best ERP Software is Cloud Based

The best ERP software is one that fits your company and industry, but is also implemented properly. How do you know which is the best for you? This is not an easy task to determine and making sure the right decision is made can be easier with help from a partner or consultant.

Three Ways ERP Cloud Software Improves Agility


Business models and processes change, and enterprise software must change with it. When it comes to supporting creative teams and agile methods, ERP cloud software is faster and has greater flexibility than server-bound ERP software. Here is why that is important:

Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Ideal for Nonprofits

If you are a nonprofit contemplating an upgrade to your financial, contact management and other business processing software, consider the advantages of using MS Azure to deploy Dynamics NAV, GP or other Dynamics platforms.From a cloud "perspective, Windows Azure offers SMBs an easy marriage of[...]

February 28, 2017 | Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Two Tips for Successful Microsoft Dynamics Training

Mention ERP training and watch as low-level employees’ eyes glaze over, mid-level managers stress over lost time, and high-level executives strive to make a good return on a high-stakes investment.

February 08, 2017 | Microsoft Dynamics, Training, Microsoft Dynamics Training

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